Brandon Smith has recently graduated from Thomas Haney Secondary School. He has a passion for video, photography, graphic design, and 3d modeling. Brandon is studying at Vancouver Film School to be a Director of Photography.

Through collaboration with various YouTube pages, creating his own, and working professionally on set, Brandon has gained hands on experience in the film industry.

Brandon is currently working at Kingfishers Waterfront Bar and Grill as a cook while he completes his schooling. Brandon has been a driving force, working with a couple of his peers in starting a successful school-based business known as the Thunder Cafe.



Adobe Photoshop CS6

Brandon is certified in Adobe Photoshop CS6


Adobe Premiere CS6

Brandon is certified in Adobe Premiere CS6


Adobe InDesign CS6

Brandon is certified in Adobe InDesign CS6


First Aid

Brandon is certified in level 1 First Aid

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